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At Austin Urology we have dedicated team of professionals who continue to practice evidence-based medicine and provide a high standard of care. Our team members include:

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Prof Damien Bolton [MD. MBBS, BA, FRACS, FRCS]
Director of Austin Urology

Bio: Damien Bolton is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne, Department or Surgery and head of the Austin Urology unit. After training in Melbourne and University of California, San Francisco he has published over 90 peer-review publications and book chapters. He has also acted as Chair of the Cancer Council Victoria committee on Urogenital Cancer. His particular interests include urinary stone disease, including laparoscopic treatment of urinary tract cancers, performing laparoscopic nephrectomy and over 800 robot assisted radical prostatectomies. CONTACT

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A/Prof David Webb [MS, FRACS]

Bio: Associate Professor David Webb has a special interest in open and robotic prostatectomy. He has had extensive training with the Da Vinci robot and regularly performs robotic prostatectomies at Epworth Freemasons Private hospital. He is a long-standing member of Austin Urology and continues to practice in general urology, including stones, uro-oncology, endourology and vasectomy.

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A/Prof Nathan Lawrentschuk [MBBS, PhD, FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Nathan is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne Department of Surgery and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the Austin Hospital. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and presented at multiple international meetings. He completed a PhD in kidney cancer and later a Society of Urologic Oncology Fellowship. This involved two additional years of training robotic, laparoscopic and open cancer surgery at the University of Toronto, Canada. His interests range from Greenlight laser prostatectomy for BPH through to cystectomies with neo-bladders and penile preservation surgery. CONTACT
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Mr David Angus [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Mr David Angus trained in Urology in Melbourne and Dublin. He has been heavily involved in post-graduate training during this time and continues to mentor all trainees passing through the Austin Urology unit. David is generally regarded one of the best operative urologists in Melbourne. He is particularly known for Radical Prostatectomy, being one of the highest volume operators in Australia. He also specialises in other major open oncology (cancer) surgery involving the kidney, bladder and ureter as well as percutaneous nephrolithotomy. CONTACT

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Mr John Rogerson [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: John has had a long term association with Austin and Repatriation Hospitals, initially as a medical student and junior doctor. He commenced training in Urology in Adelaide and completed his fellowship in Melbourne before undertaking specialist training in reconstructive urology at Guy's hospital, London. John practices general urology, but is best known for interests in reconstructive urology, bladder enlargement and replacement, urethroplasty, neuroplasty, neuropathic bladder management, urodynamics and incontinence management.

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Mr Andrew Troy [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Mr Andrew Troy started his medical training at the University of Melbourne and completed his specialist training in urology in Victoria 2000. Since then he has completed a 12-month fellowship specialising in Endourology in Edinburgh, Scotland. Furthermore he has completed Da Vinci robot training In California as well as prostate brachytherapy techniques in California. Currently he practices in general urology with specialist interest in prostate disease (cancer & BPH), stone disease and vasectomy reversal.
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Mr Stephen Clarke [FRACS (Urol), Dip ABU, FAMA, GAICD]

Bio: Mr Stephen Clarke has been a Consultant Urologist at Austin and Repatriation Hospitals for many years. His current interests are renal stone disease (particularly flexible uretersocopy and laser lithotripsy for intrarenal calculi) and the use of the Green Light laser for management of benign prostatic hypertrophy in poor risk and anti-coagulated patients.


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Mr Michael Chamberlain [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Mr Chamberlain is a dynamic member of the Urology Unit who has organised many national and international meetings with a sub-specialty interest in erectile dysfunction and penile prosthesis insertion. He also practices at John Fawkner Private Hospital where he established the brachytherapy program for prostate cancer.

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A/Prof Shomik Sengupta [MS, FRACS (urol)]

Bio: After his higher training in urology Mr Sengupta completed a two-year fellowship in urologic oncology at the Mayo Clinic, USA where he trained specifically in robotic surgery. He has also specialised in prostate brachytherapy through the Seattle Prostate Institute, USA. mr Sengupta is actively involved in urologic research, particularly in the area of prostate and kidney cancer. He is the deputy-chair of the Urological Cancer Committee of the Victorian Co-operative Oncology Group and the uro-oncology group of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia.
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Mr Peter Liodakis [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Mr Liodakis has completed a post-graduate program in advanced operative techniques and specialty is minimally invasive surgery. He is a high volume laparoscopic surgeon and performs all types of kidney operations laparoscopically including complete nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy and pyeloplasty. His other specialty is prostate Cancer. He offers removal of the prostate for prostate cancer via keyhole surgery using laparoscopic or robotic techniques, as well as specialised radiotherapy techniques known as bracchytherapy (seed implants). His other interests within urology include minimally invasive surgery for stones and the management of benign growth of the prostate (BPH). CONTACT
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Mr Yee Chan [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Mr Chan is a local trainee who completed his urology training at the Austin Health. a fellowship year with Professor David Neal specialising in bladder cancer was completed at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Upon returning to the austin Health as a consultant, he turned his attention to acquiring laparoscopic skills in urology whilst the focus remains in uro-oncology. Scope of laparoscopic procedures include laparoscopic nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, radical prostatectomy and pyeloplasty over the last 3 years, he has also established the service of laparoscopic donor nephrectomy at the austin Health

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Mr Dennis Gyomber [FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Dennis Gyomber is a general Urologist with a special interest in men’s health and laparoscopic surgical techniques. Dennis completed his research Fellowship in robotics and laparoscopic surgery and Greenlight laser prostatectomy. Dennis has public appointments at Austin Health and The Northern Hospital, and consults at John Fawkner, Epworth Eastern, Northpark and Shepparton Private Hospitals. He continues to be involved in research activities and medical education

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Dr Johan Gani [MBBS, FRACS (urol)]

Bio: Dr Gani completed his medical degree at the University of Melbourne in the year 2000. After finishing his urology training in victoria in 2010 his completed two further urology fellowships. Firstly he went to Concord Hospital in Sydney specialising in voiding dysfunction, female urology and oncology. His second fellowship was a 12-month position at Toronto Western Hospital in Canada. Dr Gani now specialises in the treatment of incontinence (male and female), overactive bladders, neurogenic bladder conditions and erectile dysfunction. CONTACT
Mr Joseph Ischia
Mr David Pan
Mr Lih-Ming Wong
Mr Frank Darcy
Dr Adee Davidson
Dr Nieroshan Rajarubendra
Dr Sarah Azer
Dr David Wetherell
Dr Darren Ow
Dr Dermot O'Kane
Dr Mahesha Weerakoon
Dr Ania Sliwinski
Dr Luke Gibson
Dr Emily Chen
Dr Nathan Papa
Paul McGivern
Bladder Cancer Surveillance Nurse
Cara Webb
Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant
Robyn Bolger
Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant
Sharon Carr
Urology Surgical Liason Nurse
Sarah Edwards
Urology Surgical Liason Nurse
Deb Chandler
Urology Secretary
Monica Palise
Urology Surgical Liason Nurse
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Dr Gregory Jack [MD]

Bio: Gregory Jack, M.D. graduated from Cornell University and trained at Vanderbilt University and UCLA prior to joining Austin Health as a fellow in 2007.  He specialises in minimally invasive surgery.
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Dr Rustom P Manecksha [MB,BCh, BAO, BMedSc(Hon), MRCSI, MD, FRCS (urol)]
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